Muck & Lake Weed Control – Green & Guaranteed!

“It’s like standing on a giant snowshoe!”

MuckMat Pro is the only lake muck control product that lets you walk over muck — without sinking! It is the simplest, safest, quickest, most effective way to handle lake bottom muck. Nothing compares — or even comes close.

See for yourself — MuckMat Pro is Unique!

You’ll learn how it works — but my short video will show you how great it works. Watch the MuckMat Pro in action, Click the video in the upper right… I’ll wait here for you…

Awesome video isn’t it? That muck is very soft. A soil engineer said it has, “zero bearing load capacity.” That’s super bad muck — and you just watched me walk right over it!

(You probably noticed in the video, there weren’t any lake weeds either).

What You Get With MuckMat Pro

  • Create A Firm Lake Bottom — No more sinking in muck
  • No Lake Weeds — MuckMat Pro controls 100% of your weeds
  • Easy & Quick — Less than 30 minutes to assemble and install
  • No Waiting — Walk on it as soon as MuckMat Pro is installed
  • Stays In Year Round — Stays put and winter can’t hurt it
  • Safe, Natural — No chemicals, no electricity, won’t harm fish or wildlife
  • Make A Beach — Create an even firmer bottom by adding beach sand
  • Make A Bigger Beach — Connect multiple MuckMat Pros together
  • Saves Your Sand — Your sand won’t sink or mix with muck below
  • Guaranteed To Work — Because it does!
  • Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA!

You drive your car on MuckMat Pro technology

If you’ve driven on I-75 in Florida, the Alaskan Highway, or thousands of other American roads — you’ve driven on the technology MuckMat Pro uses.

Highway engineers use special fabrics and grids, designed to hold sand and gravel securely over soft, wet soils — providing a solid base for the concrete surface you drive on.

MuckMat Pro uses these same fabrics and grids. You walk on the fabric — the grid underneath holds you up. A rugged, steel frame keeps everything in place on your lake bottom.

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The reason you sink in muck is — it moves sideways

When you step in muck or mud, you sink because the soil actually moves sideways — not down. Gravity pulls on you — the wet soil slides to the side (most of it) — and you sink in the muck. Yuck!

You’ve probably had this happen. You step in mud — and the mud moves sideways, then up and around your shoe. The MuckMat Pro prevents the muck from moving — and you don’t sink!

Many people use multiple MuckMat Pros to create larger beach areas — often adding sand on top.

It’s a lot like a really, really big snowshoe 

Think of a snowshoe. You know it transfers your weight over a larger area, helping you walk over deep snow.

But a snowshoe’s webbing also traps snow crystals, locking them in place. The snow can’t move sideways — and you walk right over it.

Make sense, doesn’t it?

MuckMat Pro — Like a giant snowshoe

MuckMat is like a giant snowshoe!

Think of soil particles as tiny pool balls

Another example. Pool balls roll around freely on a pool table. But when you “rack ’em up,” they can’t roll. The more balls you put in the rack, the less they can move — and if the rack is full — they can’t move at all. That’s exactly how our grid works.

Soil is like pool balls


In this close up of a MuckMat Pro you see the black grid under the steel frame and black fabric.

Now you see how it works — it’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Like the snowshoe, the grid transfers your weight over a large area. Meanwhile, holes in the grid fill with muck — trapping it — like the pool balls . You walk right over your muck, no matter how deep it is.

Now that you’ve pictured it — you’ve got a good idea of how it works. Even if you don’t see it completely, yet — it works — just like the video you watched.

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MuckMat Pro is easy to install — Leave it in year round — Put sand over it, if you wish — Guaranteed to work!

You get a weed-free, firm surface to walk on

The MuckMat Pro gives you a firm surface to walk on — and makes a firm base if you want to add beach sand. The fabric also keeps sunlight from reaching your weeds — so you’re weed-free! The aluminized steel frame holds everything in place on your lake bottom. Muckmat Pro stays where you put it — it won’t move.

Now you know how a MuckMat Pro keeps you from sinking in muck and weed-free, (and a little about how highways are built).

If you’re tired of fighting lake muck and weeds — you’ve got the solution — MuckMat Pro!

MuckMat Pro gives you a firm surface to walk on — and keeps you weed free — Guaranteed!

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