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BoatLift Mat holds up to 10,000 pounds — prevents lifts from sinking in muck and keeps them level.

BoatLift PWC-MAT Pontoon Mat

It’s like setting your lift on a giant snowshoe!

  • Creates a solid base for your lift — instantly!
  • Keeps your lift level
  • Prevents your lift from sinking
  • Installs in just minutes — saves time
  • Makes installation & removal much easier
  • Makes leveling your lift much easier
  • Creates a weed-free area around your lift
  • Gives you a firm base to walk on around your lift
  • Low Maintenance — Leave it in year round
  • Guaranteed To Work!
  • Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA!

LakeMat Latest News BoatLift Mat

BoatLift Mat instantly creates a firm foundation for your lift — keeps it level and prevents it from sinking in soft, mucky lake bottoms. (Pictured: 9’x14′ Jet Ski Mat)

How does a BoatLift Mat work?

If you looked at our BoatLift Mat material with a big magnifying glass, you’d see it looks like a lot of tiny pyramids woven into the fabric. When you place this fabric on submerged soil, the first thing it does is trap soil particles in the tiny pyramids. It creates “interlocking” soil particles.

It’s just like how mud sticks to your boots

Think of walking in mud, wearing boots with thick cleats. Mud sticks to your boots between the cleats — then more mud sticks to the mud already on your boots — then more and more mud, until you can hardly walk. It’s the same principle with BoatLift Mat.

The more “interlocked” soil particles there are, the more “friction” surface there is for other particles. And with the right amount of water (dilation) the more particles stick together — (like the mud on your boots).

Changes the weight distribution of your lift

Think of setting your boat lift and boat in your lake — and say the total weight is 4,000 pounds. If you have four foot-plates that are one square foot each — then each one must hold 1,000 pounds. That’s a lot of weight for soft soil. No wonder your lift sinks.

Now, think of putting your lift and boat on a BoatLift Mat — the total weight is now distributed over 250 square feet. Divide 4,000 pounds by 250 square feet, you get just 16 pounds per square foot.

You’ve transferred the “weight distribution” — like a snowshoe — from 1,000 pounds to just 16 pounds per square foot! Much better, isn’t it?

The Boatlift Mat distributes the weight of your lift and boat over a larger area — plus it locks soft, mucky soil in place, preventing your lift from sinking.

The BoatLift Mat distributes the weight of your lift and boat over a larger area — plus it locks soft, mucky soil in place, preventing your lift from sinking.

It’s the same technology used to build highways

Underwater, a BoatLift Mat simulates the factors that keep soil together on dry land — interlocking particles. The more weight pushing down on the Boatlift Mat, the stronger it becomes by locking more soil  particles tighter together. It’s the same soilstabilizing material and technology used to build highways.

As for weight distribution, the area closest to the foot plates on your boat lift will always be holding more weight than the edges of the BoatLift-Mat. How much more? You’d need a geotechnical engineer doing some pretty fancy calculus to figure it out.

But the area nearest the foot plates are holding far less than 1,000 pounds .

That’s how BoatLift Mats keep your lift level and out of the muck — Guaranteed!

BoatLift Mats come in five sizes:

Jet Ski Mat

Jet Ski Mat
For Personal Watercraft

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BoatLift Mat

BoatLift Mat Large
For small boats

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BoatLift Mat

BoatLift Mat XL
Most Popular

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BoatLift Mat

BoatLift Mat Extreme
For Upto 10,000 lbs !!!
(2 mats – 6’x14′)

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Pontoon Mat

Pontoon Mat
Our Biggest

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If you’re tired of your lift sinking — BoatLift Mat is your simple, quick, solution!

BoatLift Mat

All our BoatLift Mats are quick and easy to assemble. Pictured is a Jet Ski Lift.

BoatLift Mat

Installing a BoatLift Mat is really this simple. Place it and sink it to the lake bottom.

BoatLift Mat

Place your lift and level it.

BoatLift Mat

You now have a firm, weed-free surface for you lift. Leave it in year round.

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