LakeMats are a Chemical Free Way to Control Weeds

LakeMat is a proven, simple way to control the weeds and aquatic plants on your lakefront bottom. It is also safe and chemical free, unlike herbicides. Herbicides are designed to kill, so it comes as no surprise they are dangerous for the environment. LakeMats allow you to keep the waters around your property clean without harming the environment, the lake, or your family.

Despite assurances that herbicides are safe, legal, and approved for use… at least 64 have been banned. These chemicals were used in hundreds of combinations under many different brand names over the years. If you are interested in reading about the banned herbicides, click here.

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At LakeMat, we understand that weeds can be annoying and get in the way of enjoying your time at the lake. That is why we provide you with a variety of mats that not only get rid of weeds but leaves the other areas natural and untouched for the fish and wildlife. These awesome mats are low maintenance, quick and easy to use, and are guaranteed to work!

We offer LakeMat Pros, MuckMat Pros, Boatlift Mats, SandMats, and Dock Mats for your convenience. Control the weeds and muck in your lake by using any of our superior mats. With the MuckMat, you won’t have to worry about sinking into the mud on your lake bottom. With our Boatlift Mat and Dock Mat, you create a solid base for your lift and/or dock – instantly! Separate your sand from the lake bottom, while also suppressing weed growth with our SandMat. With our safe and reliable mats, you don’t have to worry about raking or spraying herbicides when you should be enjoying the beautiful day.

LakeMat is made in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is available through a variety of dealers in the area. We also have dealers in Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Canada. If would like to find a dealer near you, contact us, and we will be happy to help! Keep your lake safe from chemicals and purchase a LakeMat today.