Curious about our BoatLift Mat? Learn More About How It Works!

You may be interested in the BoatLift Mat from LakeMat, but there is an interesting science behind how it works for your lake. By using the characteristics of the submerged soil particles in your lake, we can create a solution for your boat lift by making a firm base for it despite the initial conditions under the water.

A purposeful and effective design

When you look closely at your BoatLift Mat with some form of magnification, you will see that it looks a lot like a bunch of tiny pyramids that are woven into the fabric. This design is purposefully made to trap soil particles in between the pyramids to create a series of “interlocking” sections for the particles. Like mud sticking in between the cleats of athletic shoes or a pair of work boots, the BoatLift Mat functions in much the same way for lakebed soil. This means that the more weight that pushes down on the BoatLift Mat, the stronger its hold becomes as more soil particles become locked in place.

BoatLift Mat distribution of weight

At LakeMat, we know that the soil conditions of lakebed vary from place to place, even across parts of the same lake! So, our BoatLift Mat is designed to ensure that no matter what the conditions are under the water, your boat lift will sit evenly. This works because of the way the BoatLift Mat is built to distribute weight more evenly across the lakebed. By dispersing weight across a larger area, it functions much like a snowshoe, allowing for the lift to sit comfortably and evenly on the surface of the mat, rather than sinking into muck underneath and dipping in any direction.

The BoatLift Mat is just one of the many ways that LakeMat brings effective lakebed solutions to homes and businesses that have an active life on the water. If you are interested in learning more about how they work or want to get started on an order, contact us today!