Your Lake Muck and Weed Problem is Already Solved

LakeMat Pro and MuckMat Pro, are often called lake weed control mats.  We solve your issues with lake muck and weeds –  better than anything you’ve ever tried –  we guarantee it!  But you may to look at the drawbacks of herbicides and raking weeds.

Of course, if you’re already aware of these drawbacks, skip over and check out our better way to control lake weeds, or lake weeds and muck.

What are the problems using aquatic herbicides for weed control?

What’s the problem with raking or harvesting?

Aquatic weeds survive by “fragmentation.” Each small fragment that breaks off when disturbed, can (and usually do) sprout and grow a new weed. The more raking, cutting and pulling you do, the more lake weeds you’ll have.

Many aquatic weeds have “seed banks.” If a weed is damaged by raking or cutting, they drop seeds which also begin growing new plants. People who rake the most have the most weeds

Raked, cut, and pulled aquatic weeds must be taken out of the lake, or they just sink and start growing again. You have to move them away from the shore — and they’re pretty heavy… it can be hours of back breaking work. And no matter how much you rake, you never get them all, do you?

Commercial harvesting is quick, but costly. The weeds grow back even thicker, harvesters can’t get close to your dock, and for the short time when your weeds are merely “thinned out”, you still have a mucky lake bottom.

Want a couple better ideas?

If you have weeds and muck, check out what MuckMat Pro will do for you. They’re lake weed control mats that also keep you from sinking in muck. And if you’re interested in just lake weed control mats, (if you only have lake weeds), take a look at what LakeMat Pro will do for you.