The Main Differences Between the LakeMat and the MuckMat

First, a LakeMat is a unique, patented, fabric that is permeable by gas and placed on the bottom of your lake in order to prevent the growth of lake weeds (also known as seaweed or auquatic weeds). The LakeMat works by blocking out sunlight but still allowing gas to escape. Without sun, lake weeds can’t go through photosynthesis, so they don’t grow while existing plants die.

So, what’s a MuckMat? Put simply, a MuckMat is a LakeMat with an additional feature. This extra feature is an added material underneath the LakeMat that prevents you from sinking into lake bottoms that are soft – this soft soil is usually called muck but can also be called silt, sediment, mud, or marl (thought these terms mean different things, they’re used interchangeably).

A LakeMat is best used to control lake weeds in an area where there is a firm bottom and only few inches of muck or less. IT can also be used in areas that have more muck but are not walked on. While a MuckMat is sued for controlling lake weeds in areas with a mucky, soft lake bottom where you would be likely to sink deep into if it weren’t for your MuckMat.

The MuckMat and LakeMat come in two sizes, large and extra large. They are also very environmentally friendly with no chemicals, no electricity, no raking, and no pulling out weeds. Both mats can be left in over the winter season or taken out.