Original LakeMat or LakeMat Pro: What’s the Difference?

Short answer: The new LakeMat Pro and Muckat Pro have rigid frames around the outside edge, the Original versions have weights, but no frame.

Original LakeMats work great for controlling lake weeds and MuckMats also create a firm surface on soft lake bottoms. The difference is, you have to get in the water and walk in muck and weeds to install the original versions.

We had customers who didn’t want to wallow around in muck and weeds. I don’t blame them…

To make a long story short, we developed a lightweight frame for LakeMats and MuckMats that’s easy to assemble and install in your lake.  These new ones with frames are called LakeMat Pro and MuckMat Pro.

So,which is better, the Pro or the Original LakeMat?

Both versions work great. The difference is, the “Pro” versions are a lot quicker to assemble and easier to install. The Pro series is much easier to install in deeper water and releases gases better. It’s also easier to connect multiple LakeMat Pros and MuckMat Pros together to cover larger areas. The Pro series is also simple to move from place to place.

Personally, I don’t like stepping in muck and I’ve walked in lots of muck and lake weeds over the years. So, I’d go with the ”Pro” version, sometimes you don’t even have to step in the water, you can slip them in from shore!

We’ll still make the original versions because they work great and customers still want them. But for a lot of reasons, the new “Pro” series is the way to go for most folks.