Learn All About Our BoatLift Mats

If you own a boat, you need a solid base on which to place your boat lift. LakeMat offers quality, effective BoatLift Mats that will provide your boat with the support it needs, while also creating a weed-free area around the boat lift, making it easier for your to work around the lift and launch the boat. In today’s post we will look at the science behind how these mats work, in addition to the many benefits of using one of our BoatLift Mats for your boat.

Designed to Lock Into Lakebed Soil

The BoatLift Mat is designed to hold strong and create a stable surface under your boatlift. By taking a magnified look at our BoatLift Mat, you will notice features that look like tiny pyramids woven into the fabric of the mat. These pyramids work similarly to the tread on the bottoms of shoes by interlocking soil particles, locking the mat into the lakebed. As more weight is added to the mat, the hold becomes stronger and locked in place.

Distribution of Weight

One of the frustrating things about installing a boat lift is that soil conditions can vary greatly from lake to lake, or even throughout different areas within the same lake. With the special design of BoatLift Mats from LakeMat, this is no longer an issue. BoatLift Mats have the capability to disperse weight evenly across the lakebed, functioning in much the same way that a snowshoe works. With the weight supported over a larger surface area, the mat sits evenly, giving a stable surface on which the boat lift can sit. This eliminates the problem of the boat lift sinking into the muck and soil on the lakebed. The best part about these BoatLift Mats is that you can leave it in place, all year long. This means just one less step to getting your boat ready when the summer season begins.

LakeMat offers a number of effective solutions, made locally in Grand Rapids, MI, for home and business owners who have to deal with a lakebed. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your LakeMat products and recommend them to anyone you know who lives or works on a lake. Our BoatLift Mats are available in sizes from 9 feet by 14 feet for jet skis to 14 feet by 24 feet for larger pontoon boats. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our line of products.

The BoatLift Mat is just one of the many ways that LakeMat brings effective lake bed solutions to homes and businesses that have an active life on the water. If you are interested in learning more about how they work or want to get started on an order, contact us today!