For Your Lakefront: LakeMat Pro is the Best Choice

Using aquatic herbicide to control lake weeds may have its place.

Invasive weeds like milfoil and starry stonewort are hard to control in large areas. Sometimes, a “whole lake” treatment with aquatic herbicides is needed.

Aquatic herbicide application is quite effective at controlling surface algae, a visible problem on many lakes. Fortunately itʼs among the easiest to treat with copper-based solutions.

For surface algae and to some extent, controlling lake weeds (professionals call it, “giving the weeds a haircut,”) aquatic herbicides have their place.

But in small areas, like your dock and beachfront, giving lake weeds a “haircut” isnʼt what you want; there are a lot of weeds left. Plus, many people donʼt want toxic chemicals in their lake.

LakeMat Pro is the best solution for small areas like your beach (usually under 2,000 sq. ft.). Using no chemicals, the LakeMat Pro leaves your lake bottom completely weed free.