Consider Installing Your LakeMat During a Lake Drawdown

To help control the overgrowth of lake weeds, some lakes will use drawdowns in the fall. Lake drawdowns involve lowering water levels. Lake weeds that are close to the shoreline (and their roots) are exposed to the freezing cold temperatures of winter which kills off a lot of the unwanted growth.

In general, native lake weeds are more likely to be affected by lake drawdowns than non-native plants. However, no matter the type of lake weed, drawdowns will slow the return of unwanted weeds along the shore the following season. Lake drawdowns typically don’t have an effect on deeper lake weeds. Regardless, the deeper the drawdown the longer it will take for lake weeds to return the next year.

While any time is a great time to install your LakeMat, you should consider taking advantage of the lower water levels during a lake drawdown when the lake bottom is exposed. Installing a LakeMat will help to ensure that unwanted lake weeds won’t return to the area where you have your mat(s).

If you live on a lake that’s scheduled to have a drawdown this fall, and you want permanent solution for unwanted lake weeds, LakeMat is the best choice. You will be enjoying your lakefront without weeds for years to come. As long as you clean off your LakeMat every year or so, it can last longer than you will!

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