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“Control 100% of your weeds — Guaranteed”
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LakeMat Pro assembles and installs in just minutes – giving you a weed-free beach.

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What you get — with LakeMat Pro

LakeMat Pro Gives You All These Benefits:

  • Control 100% of your weeds, not just some of them — all of them!
  • Control only the lake weeds you want — exactly where you want
  • Leave other areas natural and untouched for fish & wildlife
  • Safe — No chemicals, fish kills, or water restrictions
  • Easy — No back-breaking raking and cutting
  • Quick — Less than 20 minutes to assemble & install
  • Low Maintenance — Leave it in year round (winter can’t hurt it)
  • Can Be Moved — several times a year to control more weeds
  • Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA!
  • Guaranteed to work — Because it does!

A simple idea. A remarkable product.

The simple part — LakeMat Pro prevents your lake weeds from growing. It’s basic science. No sun — no weeds. You’ll also stop new seeds from sprouting. Pretty simple concept…

The remarkable part — How it’s done comes from years of research and testing — creating a superior design and materials — making LakeMat Pro the most effective weed control product you can buy.

 LakeMat Pro — a superior design and the best materials gives you the best product you can buy to control weeds.

Finding the right stuff.

Searching for the best fabric took well over a year. Trying several different types of materials, the first thing we learned was — what doesn’t work.

(Tarps, plastic sheeting and tarp-like materials don’t work — they’re not gas permeable — they “bubble up.” Landscape fabric screens, let in too much sunlight, weeds grow through after one season).

Fortunately, our search led to geotextiles — the same fabrics used in highway construction. We tested both woven and non-woven fabrics — of several weights and thicknesses.

Want Proof? Just look at this photo…

The top half (where the weeds are) was professionally treated with herbicide — three times. The bottom half is where a LakeMat Pro sat — big difference, isn’t it?

LakeMat Pro fabric is made specifically for underwater use

LakeMat Pro fabric has several important properties for use in lakes and wetlands.

  • It’s Water Permeable, lets 90 gallons of water to pass through per minute.
  • It’s Gas Permeable. Gases from decaying biomass (lake weeds) pass directly through it.
  • It’s Non-Woven. It takes 110 lbs of pressure at 3/8’s of an inch to poke a hole in it.
  • It blocks 98 percent of available sunlight.
  • According to its U.S. manufacturers, the fabric lasts at least 20 years.

LakeMat Pro vs. Lily Pads Before and After

These photos show the dramatic difference after placing a LakeMat Pro over a patch of one of the toughest of all lake weed species: the White Water Lily.


LakeMat Before


LakeMat - After

These photos were taken one day apart.
If you look closely, you can see the edge of  the LakeMat Pro in the bottom of the  “After” picture.

You get the benefits of our research and testing

We didn’t just slap fabric on a frame. Structural engineers, product design engineers, soil engineers, biologists, metallurgists and specialists in several fields were consultants.

The formula is — research, test, analyze, and repeat the process. This testing lead to improvements like gas-release ports patterning, a “perimeter” frame and improved connection points.

Simple, Safe — and Cost Effective

Today, LakeMat Pro is the most efficient, simple, safe and quick way to control your lake weeds. And I’d add — it’s the most cost effective, too. For the average cost of one season’s worth of aquatic chemicals, you can be weed-free, safely, for years to come.

If you’re tired of fighting lake weeds — you’ve got the simple solution — LakeMat Pro.

LakeMat Pro — Be Weed Free — Guaranteed!

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