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The ‘Real End of Summer’ Sale

You’ve probably noticed “End of Summer” sales right after the 4th of July… The water just gets warm enough for swimmin’ — and stores advertise their “end of summer” sales. Sigh…

But now it’s officially fall — and we’re having our first ‘It’s Really the End of Summer Sale,’ — because when it gets too cold swim — that’s really the end of the summer season.

Don’t miss out on these savings!!

Save $95 on Boatlift Mats, Pontoon Mats & Jetski Mats
Save $65 on MuckMat Pros (12’x14’ & 12’x24’)
Save $40 on LakeMat Pros (12’x14’ & 12’x24’)
Save $35 on Super SandMats (12’x20’ & 12’x30’)
Save $15 on SandMats (12’x20’ & 12’x30’)

Why buy now? — Three good reasons.

1. You want a nice, firm, weed-free beach for your family, friends — and your boat lift, if you have one.
2. Our Mats are on sale, right now. Most folks like sales — we certainly like saving dough on stuff we know we’ll need.
3. All our Mats are 100% Guaranteed to work! Install your Mats this fall, next spring, (or next summer, if you’re a procrastinator). See — you have options.

Let’s recap. Order now —

  • You’ll have the firm, weed-free beach you want
  • You’ll save a lot of money now — we rarely do ‘sales’
  • Your Mats are 100% guaranteed!

Sale ends 11/30/18


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