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My dock goes out 30 feet from the shore line and at that point is almost 5 feet deep with muck up to my knees so the water level comes up almost to my chin. I put one matt on either side of my dock and put in such that the end of the matt is 3 feet beyond the end of the dock or the blue and yellow noodles. In the one picture my daughter is standing on the matt, without that matt the water would have been up above her waste with muck at least mid-cafe. In any event my 4 and 6 year grand daughters love jumping in time after time after time after time- you get the point. I leave the mats in all winter with a few extra patio stones placed here and there then I remove the stones in the spring. I also have a weighted push broom that works real well at removing sand and muck that gets washed up. Again thank you very much - I wish I had bought them sooner.

Paul W - Michigan

Now our grandkids can enjoy the lake shore as it's meant to be. We'll be getting two more this spring.

MuckMat Pro ownerMike M. -Texas

I was tired of raking weeds, now they're all gone, even the lilies. That's why we bought another one.

LakeMat Pro ownerCarla P. - Michigan

Getting rid of our muck just wasn't an option, which is why we got Boatlift Mat. With the Boatlift Mat we can walk around our boat and we can enjoy walking around the dock area without sinking. I kinda wish it would sink a little more. We have a big lift and a big deck boat that weighs about 5,000 pounds. It doesn't sink at all.

Boatlift Mat ownerMarc - Michigan

I want to thank you! We got a MuckMat Pro from you last year. My grandkids just love it! I thank you, because ever since we bought our cottage in 1982, we've never been able to swim off the dock. We always had to take the boat out to deep water to swim. I want to thank you for giving us our cottage back.

MuckMat Pro ownerPaul - Michigan

They work great. I bought three of them last year and they are Outstanding. I don't sink, and the kids and my dogs love it. I blow 'em off [clean off silt] with the waver runner. It works great.

Mark - Michigan

We've had our MuckMat for three years now. It's absolutely great. The kids can go and play in our beach now. They'd never go out there before, they didn't like the muck and weeds. To clean it, I just rake it off with a plastic rake. The weeds don't grow and the kids don't sink. We really get to use our lakefront now.

MuckMat ownerRick - Michigan

The MuckMat Pro works great and does exactly what it's suppose to do. We bought two of them. We have no weeds and we walk out on it with no problem. You can turn a swamp into a nice beach. They're awesome.

MuckMat Pro ownerDon - Michigan

I was really happy with them. We bought three and I was able to walk them in just like your video. There are no weeds and we don't sink. That's why I'm getting two more MuckMat Pros.

Clint - New Hampshire

Compared to the traditional benthic barrier, we found that the LakeMats were much easier to assemble and install. By switching to LakeMats, we found that the assembly and installation steps only took a few hours, as opposed to a few days with the traditional barriers we used in previous years... In previous years, we had to use several cement blocks and rebar to keep the mats in place, which increased installation time and posed a safety hazard to anyone wading outside of the swimming area. We also noted that the LakeMats didn't require any gurgling during the season, as the porous fabric allowed the consistent aeration of gas bubbles. Parks & Recreation Program Assistant New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, & Historic Preservation Environmental Management Bureau- Water Quality Unit


I first of all want to say that I like your product. Secondly, your mats fit well into our WI laws on aquatic plant removal since a single riparian owner cannot remove more than a 30-foot width...and your mats are no more than 30 feet wide. We would appreciate a disclaimer on your website describing that Wisconsin requires a permit for Aquatic vegetation removal of more than 30' on a single owners property. I appreciate all efforts and time spent looking into this subject. Again I like your verbiage and product. Please feel free to contact me... Thank you for your time.

Timothy - Wisconsin DNR

Just wanted to let you know that our 'muck mat' works exactly as advertised. I was dubious it would hold up, but after a year in the water it's still in perfect shape. It's been very easy to clean off and move around and is 100% effective for preventing lake grass and water lilies and simultaneously giving us a very comfortable surface to walk around. No more fear of blood suckers or getting our feet stuck in mud -- my wife and daughters will get in the water now with no complaint! It worked so well we're going to be getting the XL also! I have no reservations and am 100% satisfied!

Danny P - Onsted, Michigan

We walked them in "lickity split" :) We did not stake the far end (24 ft out) as the depth of the water was about 5 ft deep. We put a couple large, but movable rocks in the centre of each mat. We did stake them at the shallow end. My husband, Rodney, says to let you know he was impressed at how quickly and easily we put all 4 into the lake. Now we plan to leave them in this first location until mid October, then move them to the other half of the lake shore (in front of our yard) that has this invasive weed growing. We will leave them there for the winter and a month or so after the ice goes off the lake next spring. The ice goes off usually the third week in April here. Will be interesting to see if the weed grows back right away in the area where we installed the mats yesterday.

Karin and Rodney - BC Canada

My wife Brenda and I own two 7-BR, 4,000 sq ft vacation rental lake houses on Stone Lake in Cassopolis, MI (SW Michigan) near the Indiana border. We take much pride in providing our Guests with an excellent experience in how well maintained we keep our two homes and our 50 acres of woods at Stone Lake. That said, until we discovered your Lake Mat Pro lake mats, the one area that seemed beyond our control was our two sandy beaches. Try as we might, including paying a great high school honor student $15 an hour to clean our beaches every Saturday between Guests, lake weeds were always an issue and virtually the only area where we felt we should have done better. And it was the one source of Guest complaints. This greatly distressed us. We felt helpless, despite weed pulling every Saturday between Guests and twice yearly chemical treatments approved by the Michigan Dept of Environmental Quality (maximum approved by the DEQ). That is until we discovered your Lake what a difference. We tried them out (2 per beach) in 2014, and it was the first summer ever we did not have one single complaint about water weeds all summer. Wow! This year, 2015, we bought 6 more so that literally all of our beachfront at both houses would have shallow water out to 25 feet that was 100% weed-free and muck-free -- and rock-free. Our Guests and their little ones love our beaches now - and rave about them! It has given us a competitive advantage (shhhh don't tell anyone) and we feel the investment has an excellent ROI.. Thank you for solving what had been seemingly a unsolvable problem. P.S. Since last summer, a number of our Stone Lake neighbors have purchased your Lake Mat Pro lake mats as they have seen how effective they are.

Ted & Brenda - Cassopolis, Michigan

I just want to let you know this is our second muck mat and we were very happy with it .That's why when we moved to another location we bought another one. This is a great product and we are very pleased now we can swim in the lake off the shore with out sinking up to our knees and the kids can play safely.

Fred P - Maumee, Ohio

Customer service is amazing! Connor was so helpful with all of my questions.

Kristin M - Ohio

Best investment money can buy. It can turn a muddy lake bottom into a personal pool.

William P - New York

We recently installed our muck mat & what a difference it makes! Finally we can stand on our lake bottom instead of being gobbled up by gunk! Now we plan to get another one for the other side of our dock.

MuckMatDanielle H

We have tried multiple methods to clear out the weeds in our lake to no success. We bought 1 lakemat to try and it instantly made a difference! The spot where we put it was weed free for the whole summer. The sand resettled over it so you would never know it was there. Now my kids can play in the lake. No more raking weeds for mediocre results that only last a couple weeks. Easy installation and removal in the fall. We will definitely be purchasing more for this year since we got such great results!

LakeMatMaria S

Love our lake mat so much we have two! Left the first one in all last winter and it worked great. Bought a second one this Summer. Easy to move around too. What a fabulous product - clears up the weeds & grass making the lake so much more enjoyable!

LakeMatSusan K - Massachusetts

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